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NSW Police Legacy is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the families of deceased Police Officers across NSW. We are proud to offer a range of benefits and services to our Police Legatees covering both emotional and financial assistance with education and welfare grants for families with dependant children, and many social and community events.

Policing is a tough and dangerous job. Each time a Police Officer puts on their uniform, they're putting their lives on the line to protect our community.  It’s an unfortunate fact that not all of our police officers make it home to their families at the end of their shift. 

We are always there to support the families left behind when the unthinkable happens – the sons, daughters, wives and husbands of police officers who have lost their lives.

We provide individual support and assistance in any way we can, from funding grief and trauma counselling to providing gifts on special occasions. We organise social occasions to give  our legatees the opportunity to meet people who have shared similar experiences and allow them to stay connected to the wider NSW Police Family.

At NSW Police Legacy, we believe that no partner or child of a police officer who has lost their life should ever feel forgotten or in need.

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Paul Bousfield - Chair of NSW Police Legacy

Make a difference to the family of a deceased Police Officer by creating a personalised online fundraising page. Your support is essential to the services provided to our Legatess, allowing them to remain connected to the wider NSW Police Family.

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The Wall to Wall Ride for Remembrance is run in September each year in the lead up to National Police Remembrance Day to remember and honour our fallen colleagues.  

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Telephone: (02) 9264 1311
Fax: (02) 9283 7898
Postal Address 
NSW Police Legacy
PO Box 20065
World Square NSW 2002

Email: info@policelegacynsw.org.au
Supporters Amount Message
Andrew Rayment $50.00
Andrew Rayment $50.00
Andrew Rayment $50.00
Andrew Rayment $50.00
Melissa Gole $20.00
Mellanie MacDonald $50.00 Hello, thanks for being there for all of us retired Police and your Back up For Life team are excellent, you are all doing a wonderful job , Merry Christmas, Regards Mell MacDonald
Jess Green $10.60
NSW Police Force (Professional Standards - Level 4) $21.20 Level 4 Xmas ham day
Rebecca Camilleri $26.50 donation commitment from the 2017 Shades of Blue Art Exhibition opening honouring Sabine Altmann who was killed in the course of her duties in 2011.
Anonymous $53.00 For all that you do
Andrew Rayment $50.00
Fiftyfive5 $530.00
Melissa Gole $20.00
Martin Drevikovsky $53.00
Juston Jian $1.00 Thank you for doing what you do, protecting us and putting yourselves at risk. Thank you.
Melissa Gole $21.20 Thank you for everything you do for the community every day.
Sydney Glass Island $1,060.00
Matthew Radandt $53.00
Robert Redfern $16.00 A small 'Cricket tipping' donation from the team at Workforce Safety
David shatari $53.00 We need you guys to be safe
Andrew Rayment $50.00
Mitchell Croyston $26.50
Anonymous $530.00
justin king $53.00 To help with future training.. keep up the had work. Well done.
Natalie Cooper $212.00 Thank you to all NSW police officers who put their lives on the line to defend and protect the community. Your service is very much valued and appreciated.
Anonymous $100.00
Employers Mutual Management $605.30
John Manfred $53.00 On behalf of Jordan Manfred (Member NSW Police Force)
John Manfred $53.00 Given on behalf of Alexander Manfred a member of the NSW Police Force.
Andrew Rayment $50.00
SPARTAC Australia $160.00
Michael Kielty $106.00 Many thanks for the job you do.
Complete Skin Wagga $200.00 Thanks to all for their service! Thanks to the families for their support and service.
Christine Gee $530.00 Your courageous efforts make a profound difference and we are honoured to be invited to play a very small part of your contribution.
Herb Elliott $106.00
Anna Frazer $53.00
Christopher Devereaux $50.00 Thank you Senior Constable, Ricky Kingston from the Ashfield Highway Patrol for your efforts to improve driver behaviour and overall community safety on Renwick Street, Marrickville.
Andrew Rayment $50.00
david shatari $38.00 protection and looking after is important
Anonymous $1,000.00
Hilary Pearce $53.00 In the loving memory of Gary O'Callaghan
Orange Courier Service Pty Ltd $265.00 Thank you for all the great work.
Jo-Ann McCABE $100.00
No name Help people with out name $53.00
Jellybeanstreet $72.00 Donation on behalf of Jellybeanstreet
Andrew Rayment $50.00
Connie Grima $106.00 RIP REX ANDERSON
Anonymous $53.00 RIP Rex James Anderson Superintendent (Ret.'d)
David Hand $53.00 RIP Rex James Anderson Superintendent (Ret.'d)
maree wade $200.00 In memory of Superintendent (retired) Rex James Anderson. From Paul Jackson, Joan Warham, Clare Curry and Maree Wade
Anonymous $106.00 In memory of Superintendent Rex James Anderson (Retired)
Steven Planinic $118.72 Plano's Evo and friends
Cecelia Hutchinson-Parsons $159.00 This is a donation from Caltex Procurement Team thanking the NSW Police for their presentation on social media.
Andrew Rayment $50.00
Andrew Harrold $1,060.00 Always the first we call when we are in trouble and always the last we remember when you are in trouble. Thinking of you all. THANK YOU and God bless.
Ron Grant $250.00
Andrew Reid $100.00
GEOFFREY THRUSH $200.00 I am a previous donor
Sonia Roberts $530.00
Carrie Bengston $206.70 In Memory of Margaret (Peg) North, widow of Henry (Harry) North who served in NSW Police Service until his death in 1973. Peg and her family requested, for her funeral on 28 June, donations to NSW Police Legacy in lieu of flowers.
Gwendoline Wild $250.00
Ballav Pandey $53.00
Kellie Tickner $190.80
paul warden $100.00 Donated on behalf of the Campsie Senior Management Team in Memory of Supt McLean's father who passed away recently.
Thomas Scott $21.20 Thank you for your service
Andrew Rayment $50.00
david shatari $80.00 respect for our men and women in the service who always provide us protection
Jeremy Green $530.00
David Mcanulty $21.20 Thanks for the good work. Lesson learned.
Jacqui Short $26.50 in Memory of Walter Hadrick
jake blecher $100.00 Donated on behalf of medically discharged former police.
EML $100.00 Donated on behalf of medically discharged former police.
EML $1,000.00 Donated on behalf of medically discharged former police.
Andrew Rayment $50.00
Jenny Howie $53.00
david shatari $100.00 Supporting our community is very important. We appreciate what you do.
Anonymous $53.00 Thank you for risking your lives every day to keep us safe.
Waheed Choudhury $10.60
Anonymous $53.00
Maria Lyons $530.00
Albert Yu $30.00
Shane Carne $50.00
Peter Sibilant $53.00 In memory of Detective Chief Inspector Darren Steel (Tweed/Byron LAC)
Gabrielle Yeomans $100.00
John NISSAN $21.20
Wal Michelotti $21.20 Good luck
Bujutsu PTY LTD $160.00 on behalf of Emergency Services BJJ Association
don Ator $53.00
Cassandra GOLDIE $50.00 Donation from sale of artwork in Shades Of Blue exhibition. Thank you for your work.
Marissa Veitch $50.00 Giving back to the organisation who gave so much to me
Buddys Catering $318.00 Merry Christmas - Thankyou for all you do for our community
Anonymous $53.00
Anonymous $5.00
Anonymous $106.00 In lieu of a gift for a 90th birthday
David Millar $106.00
Mattew Lloyd-Davies $265.00
Simon Hillier $25.00
Nicolas Karam $265.00
ben fordham $79.50
Erin Johnston $10.60
Anonymous $53.00 We're grateful and thank you for your service. Bless.
Anonymous $42.40 Have a good night.
Bujutsu PTY LTD $79.50 Donated on behalf of Emergency Services BJJ Association (Bujutsu)
Mary Ann O'Loughlin $530.00
Trish Davidson $265.00 With thanks to Sergeant Geoffrey Richardson and all police who lose their lives whilst keeping us safe
Philippa King $106.00
Lesli Berger $1,000.00 For those who lose their life in the service of their fellow citizen, their loved ones deserve our undying thanks and support.
Anonymous $250.00 CAPP15
Margaret Crawford $265.00 Grateful to have participated in the CAPP program. Have new perspective on the challenging role of police. Margaret
Ross Greenwood $1,060.00 Through the CAPPs course, I have had just a small taste of what NSW Police Officers experience ... and it highlights, to me, the split-second, life-changing decisions they make on a daily basis. For those adversely affected, we can never forget their families.
Kathleen Kenny $415.00 Hi This was collected by Kathleen Kenny at Bertoni Balmain
Broni KOLANO $106.00 Donation made on behalf of Roman & Lucy COLANO by Bronie KOLANO of 2/10 Macquoid St, Queanbeyan. NSW 2620
David Muddle $63.00 Glen Gorick - Electrical work.
Anonymous $106.00 For chief, Belmont high breed quality soul.
Caroline Crane $70.00 C Crane
Tony Armstrong $150.00
Shane Munt $106.00 Glenn Gorick Electrical
Franca DAVIES $53.00 The world is always a little less, for the loss of a good & brave man.
Dale GOLLAN $31.80
Anonymous $63.60
Daniel Mendes $5.00
Geoffrey Thrush $100.00
David Muddle $159.00 Glenn Gorick - Electrical work.
Peter Tremble $68.00 On behalf of Western Region Office 2016 NRL tipping Comp
Elizabeth Raper $265.00
Brendon Grey $256.52
Brendon Grey $256.52
marco ustiani $106.00
Jason Hewerdine $22.00 On behalf of the members of The Loyal Australian Distinguished Serviceman - L.A.D.S
Robert Pride $30.00
Jo-Ann McCABE $106.00
Anonymous $53.00
Anonymous $53.00
Anonymous $31.80 I admire the work the police forces do and strongly believe every officer medically-retired or suffering from mental health impacts at work must be (a) treated with dignity (b) believed and (c) supported both financially, professionally and via qualified independent psychological support. Maintaining the affected employee's trust is crucial to assisting the employee's emotional resilience, as is accepting compensation claims in a timely manner rather than punishing the officer, in effect, and worsening their prognosis.
Tweed Heads Police $56.65 Tweed Heads Police - moneybox front counter
Clare Levitt $31.80 For Glenn Stanley Gorick electrical work
Faye Leveson $127.20 Giving on behalf of Glenn Gorick for electrical services.
Telegraph mirror Pty Limited $30.00
Gwendoline Wild $1,000.00
Anonymous $106.00
Brian Howland $100.00
Frontline Safety Australia Pty Ltd $500.00
Anonymous $200.00 Donated by the participants of the Intelligence Leadership Forum on 20th June 2016 at Richmond Leadership Centre.
Simon Wirth $106.00 In memory of Colin Young
Susan Waites $500.00
Anonymous $53.00 For the family of CJ YOUNG. My great friend, a brother, best workmate. RIP
James Sams $50.00
Anonymous $53.00
Faye Leveson $106.00 Leveson's donating for Glenn Gorick electrical work.
Anonymous $53.00 Remembering Col Young
Troy Wilson $53.00 NSW Police Legacy, In honour of Colin Young and his family. RIP my mate.
Colin Butters $53.00 In memory of a wonderful person, Colin Young - we hope you have found peace at last. Colin and Tracey
Anonymous $21.20
WorkSafe Solutions Pty Limited $1,060.00 The family of Colin Young Love The Bradstock's
Amanda Wirth $100.00
Cristina Arens $31.80 Thinking of you Kellie, Reese, Evelyn and Skyla. Love from The Arens family xx
Anonymous $53.00 Much love to you Kellie, Reese, Evie and Skyla.... What a wonderful cause... Always in our thoughts xx
David and Esmae Sugerman $265.00 We would like to put on record that our call for Police assistance in connection for a presumed burglary from our home In Kangaroo Point on the evening of 23rd March 2016 was attended by two members of the police force in the Sutherland area. They were extremely professional. The burglary was a non event we later found out. Please accept our donation to Police Legacy. Sincerely David and Esmae Sugerman
Daniel Mendes $5.00
Kathleen Kenny $800.30 Event no 215 cheques totalling $600.00 posted today
Rosanne Embury $106.00
ONE80TC $200.00 Many thanks to the Commissioner for placing value on the ONE80TC Women's program.
R & Y Lynes Transport $106.00
Gordon Gorton $106.00 To the Richardson family. Our love and condolances are with you at this sad time.
Anne Whiteman $106.00 in memory of Geoffrey Richardson
Anonymous $300.00
Katharina Cser $53.00
Ruth wootton $31.80
Anonymous $106.00
Anonymous $1,060.00 c/o Allan Sparkes
Colin Smith $25.00
Melissa King $53.00
David Shatari $500.00 to All those police officers who risk their lives everyday. We are with you. Please be safe.
Paul Dunstan $60.00
Anonymous $10.00
erin sperring $10.60
Anonymous $15.00 Please make payable to family of Curtis Cheng. Thank you to all Police, will donate again.
Anonymous $42.40 Please transfer this money to the Underhill family appeal. Thanks
William Beattie $53.00 In respect of Curtis Cheng and family.
Marissa Veitch $50.00 The police family has been such a big part of my life from a very young age and it is so close to my heart that I want to give back and help support those families who are going through what I went through.
Anonymous $530.00
Jennifer Ryan $50.00
Anonymous $67.50 SHADES OF BLUE - SEAN BYRNE
Anonymous $112.50 SHADES OF BLUE - DANE TOZER
Anonymous $200.00 SHADES OF BLUE - JASON GREEN
Peter Tremble $26.50
Brian Kuschert $25.00
Scott Bolton $25.00
Gemini Bakos $25.00
Jeffrey Boon $15.90 From Secret Santa on behalf of Inspector Boon for Police Legacy.
Breathalyser Sales & Service $500.00
Pro Rehab Solutions $100.00
paska ayoo ochilo $53.00
Christopher Soto $31.80
Paciencia Pty Limited $1,000.00
Nathan Ward $30.00 To say an inadequate thank you to Maitland Highway Patrol exemplified by Constable Milton
TP Hogan Pty Ltd TA Hogan & Associates CPA $100.00
Paul Goldie $106.00 Thanks to the Water Police for towing me
Geoffrey Robson $106.00 Hi my dear friends. This organisation is for the people who protect YOU....YES YOU...and that is the amazing Police Force and their families. Without them we would not have a safe community to continue our Australian Ways. Having lost my Father at the age of 6 years I am fully aware of the work these incredible people do but sadly sometimes they fall victim and pass away while at work doing what they do best and that is protecting YOU....YES YOU...AND YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES. They have families and friends just like you and I and they all suffer the same as we do when devastating loss occurs. If you can, please consider making a donation to this cause, a cause that is 100% CERTIFIED BY THE SCRAMBLER. Take care amazing people and see you soon. Best wishes from Geoff (Aka THE SCRAMBLER) ??????????????????????????????????????
Victor Kaprilian $355.00
Xinyang Han $50.00
Hamish and Amanda McFarlane $100.00 Our sympathy and support goes to the family of Curtis Cheng
Capital Training Pty Limited $2,000.00 To honour the life and achievements of Mr Curtis Cheng, and to support his family.
Anonymous $31.80 In memory of Curtis Cheng with sincere condolences to his wife and children
Anonymous $100.00 Curtis Cheng appeal
Girish Verma $101.00 Sydney shootings appeal
Rauno Tolonen $31.80
Anonymous $15.90
Joan Caroline Shanahan $265.00
Anonymous $53.00 Our thoughts with the family. Curtis R.I.P.
Anonymous $31.80 For the family of Curtis Chen
Anonymous $7.00
Anonymous $53.00 For the Curtis Chang Family
Anonymous $100.00
paul simula $159.00
Victor Kaprilian $350.00
Brian Smith $53.00 Curtis Chang Familiy
Anonymous $53.00 For the family of Mr Cheng. I am so sorry for your loss
Kevin Li $50.00
Alastair Mitchell $106.00 Fundraising for the recent widow and family of the murdered Sydney Police Accountant. In sincere support and gratitude from Alastair & Janet.
Christine Woodlands $100.00 For the family of Curtis Cheng. My thoughts and prayers go out to them at this most painful of times.
Yvonne Atanassoff $53.00 Mr Curtis Cheng
Catherine Marburg $31.80 In memory of Curtis Cheng.
Anonymous $106.00 I would like this donation to go to the family of Marcus Chen.
Anonymous $53.00
Benson Burns $106.00
Matthew Allen $250.00 Thank you to all police for your great work.
Lucy Bradley $31.80
Anonymous $300.00
Roy Billing $106.00
Krysral BOCK $20.00
Michael Magill $400.00 Blue Mountains LAC
Neil Vearing $31.80
Mehmet Durakci $106.00
Corey Lucaci $53.00 To Fred and Bo. Congratulations on your marriage. Please accept this donation in lieu of a wedding gift as per your request. It is a cause close to our hearts as Police legacy will look after our girls if something should happen to us.
mostafa al hassan $100.00
Menai Mongrels $300.00 Supporting Peter McErlain a dedicated officer who we promised to support during the Police Legacy Boxing night in 2014 - here 's the $300 & keep up the great work from the Menai Mongrels
Rafael Padilla $265.00
Neil McLennan $53.00
Anonymous $233.85
simon martin $350.00 donation from Simon Martin
Pere Gray $159.00
CUSTOM GEAR $212.00 Richard and Team, Thanks for the chance to help and wishing you all the best Eric La Rocca | CUSTOM GEAR
Anonymous $265.00
Anonymous $53.00
Cynthia Milton $16.37 Class 243 - 25 Year Reunion
Cynthia Milton $233.45 From Class 243 - 25 Year Reunion
Anonymous $100.00
Neil Thompson Smash Repairs $530.00 After working on a police mans car his family was in the Lindt café just before the siege. Luckily they left just before it. My son would have been in the cafe possibly within the hour after it started. It made me think what the police go through and a mate of mine when I was an apprentice became a policeman Ken Short unfortunately got killed in a highway patrol accident.
Anonymous $212.00
Tony Suters $265.00
NSW Police Force Eagles Bible Fellowship $53.00 This is a donation on behalf of Mr Neville Scorse. Please create the receipt under the name of NSW Police Force Eagles Bible Fellowship.
Arkadiusz Krol $530.00 Thank you for the service and keeping our city safe.
Rod Giblett $106.00
Anonymous $168.20
Jason NOREEN $31.80
Anonymous $31.80
Samantha Sidwell $53.00 This donation is to say thank you to a dedicated Officer who provided support to me on the M2. Thank you for your service S/C John Larson!!!
Keith Marshall $53.00
joanne quinlan $106.00
Paul Clements $106.00
Anonymous $300.00
Lisa Steele $106.00
Marie Farthing $53.00 Merry Christmas
John Manfred $200.00 Donation on behalf of Jordan & Alexander Manfred, serving members of the NSWPF
Robert Hulme $2,000.00 This donation is in memory of former member, Ian Lloyd, who has just passed.
Simon Clements $106.00
Anonymous $106.00 Thank you for everything you all do!
Brett Miller $250.00
Anonymous $500.00 A donation to help all Police officers for the tough, often thankless task they perform, and for their enormous courage they display in protecting our community
Anonymous $212.00 Thank you for helping the Lindt hostages in Sydney. You are all truly amazing x
Living here Kogarah $106.00
Commodity Imports Australia Pty Ltd $530.00
Luke Beaton $106.00 Thank you.
paul wayde jones $31.80 I feel the police job is rough, i support the police, the military, etc
Simon Gnieslaw $12.25
Mark Tafft $106.00
Tweed/Byron LAC $482.80
Brendan Quach $250.00 Thank you for the dedication and commitment.
Kurt Lozier $53.00
Anonymous $53.00
Anonymous $106.00 Just "thanks".
Sarah Eastlake-Smith $106.00
Ian JOHNSTONE $42.40 Contribution from the ice bucket challenge
Michael Ter-Horst $31.80
Quantum Pain Management $50.00 For Gordon Shaw who will be missed. Quantum Pain Management
Dana Pope $31.80
Ian Leneham $10.60
Julie Coutts $53.00
Anonymous $30.00
Rochelle Uys $53.00
Anonymous $53.00
Claire Hawthorn $50.00 Claire Hawthorn's ice bucket challenge
Michael Gibson $10.60 I'm only donating $10, it's not much but it all counts. I am donating $10 each to 10 different charities. Enjoy guys.
Anonymous $200.00
Nehal Trivedi $15.90
david cornwell $265.00 In recognition Officer Pollacks assistance
Steve Kiddle $21.20
Daniel O'Leary $20.00 I am donating this money as part of my ice challenge.
Anthony Iacovella $500.00
Ryan Sheaff $25.00 Donation for Kay Smith
Danny Smith $75.00
Susan Waites $200.00
Rebecca White $280.00 On behalf of the University of Western Sydneys' Forensic Society.
Annette Green $50.00
Katherine Pijper $250.00
Mark Jones $430.00 From SLP - Cohort 12
Karleene Hamer $100.00 To be directed to Tamworth family who lost their loved one. Shot on routine stop. Thank you to Nelson bay police for this tip
Anonymous $1,000.00
Anonymous $100.00
Scott & Melissa L'Estrange $50.00 Hi! This a donation on behalf of Peter McLay of Wagga Wagga for his Sydney to Canberra bike ride that I forgot to sponsor in April! Thanks
Anonymous $200.00 In memory of Craig Steer.
Shamsa Lea $10.00 In Memory of FLGOFF Craig Steer, RAAF SECPOL, with prayers for his beautiful, strong wife SGT Mandy Jackson and her children.
Julie Morris $30.00 For Craig Steer.
Jeanette Merrett $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Gary Watson $50.00 Donated in memory of Henry Levy. Former NSWPF member, valued moderator and friend to all on the Thin Blue Line forum. Rest in peace, you will be sorely missed by many.
Rocky Talukder $4.00 E&Y
Adam Anderson $130.00
Peter Borgese $50.00 To the Montesin family, yo
Matthew Bennett $50.00
Anonymous $100.00 The first we turn to, the first we so often forget. Thank you all for your service and sacrifice.
Anonymous $50.00
Tony Stuart $20.00
Anytech Tactical Torches $1,300.00
Rocky Young $200.00
Reg SCHMUTTER $50.00
Paul Sperotto $50.00
Dominic Goodyer $50.00
Tenille Upton $1,000.00 Pledge from Blue Ribbon Ball, 2013
Michael McLoon $30.00
Michael OPRYSZKO $50.00
Anthony O'BRIEN $30.00 Get well little buddy
Robert Keyvar $100.00 Good luck with your battle guys, stay strong, your Blue Family is with you.
Anonymous $30.00
Phill Hoye $30.00
Simon Maund $50.00
Diane Gile $30.00
Anonymous $20.00 Wonderful men and women who perform a difficult (and largely thankless) task. I thank each and every one of you,from the Commissioner down to the new recruit serving in their first Police posting.And of course to all of the fallen Heroes that have given their all over the past 150 years. May God bless and protect you all.
Norman Mardini $270.00
Anonymous $200.00
Zhong shi Guo $200.00
Anonymous $30.00 Wishing you both a wonderful birthday and anniversary Love Rosalie and Jack
Anonymous $250.00
Martin Rabinowitz $20.00
Anonymous $50.00
John Goddard $30.00 Thank you to Constable Matt Wright #45364 for being so helpful
kevin green $80.00 in memory of Karen scutts
Anthony Iacovella $1,000.00
Anonymous $250.00 Our brothers and sisters of the NSW Police.. The first ones we call and the last ones we thank. THANK YOU for your service and sacrifice God Bless you all.
David Newbury $50.00 In Loving Memory of Karen Scutts
Rowena Booker $80.00 In memory of Karen Scutts
Tristyn Worrell $100.00
Dianne Lo $500.00
Catherine McLachlan $30.00 In memory of Karen Scutts
Anonymous $50.00
Richard Kentwell $50.00
Scott Weber $55.00
Peter HIllman $100.00
PwC $1,500.00
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $30.00
Anonymous $250.00
Susan Oscuro $10.00 You go girl....your a trooper for such a great cause
Greg Chilvers $50.00 Well done
Raff Del Vecchio $50.00
SEAN MCDERMOTT $100.00 I have purchased a painting from Sgt Brad Scanlan and as part of the purchase price he asked me to donate $100 to Legacy.
Bruce Payne $50.00
Lynne Slattery $30.00 You are a good man for doing this. Good luck Scott
Anonymous $1,000.00 Go scotty
Chris Sheehy $30.00 Well done Kelly! Love what you're doing!!
Jovita Khilnani $100.00
Matthew KANE $20.00 Good luck Joker
Gavin Cashion $50.00 Good luck and well done Scotty. I have just taken over a pub so will buy you a beer when you are down.